Saturday, May 28, 2005

Hi! I Love Sex Toys!

I am so excited to be able to start my very own sex toy blog! I may not be much of a writer but since I have a lot of passion about what I am writing about I am sure you will forgive me if what I write is too amateurish!

I have been a very sexually since I was a young teenager but once my second boyfriend Andy bought me my first sex toy, which was a vibrator, I turned into what can be described as into a sexual animal. My first real orgasms were with this little wonderful piece of pink plastic long gone I named ”Chico”!

I found that when using a vibrator, even if I was fingering myself for a while beforehand, I learned it feels a whole lot better to use at least a tiny bit of lube. That little bit of lube keeps it sliding so much better, and I am never sore - even after a marathon session!

I still love using vibrator either alone or with someone else. I found that some of the real cheap ones don't last very long and can be real noisy. Waterproof vibrators really don't turn me on and some of them are just annoying ...ugh! I guess the one like best are those rabbit vibrators that I have been using for years now.

I bought a jack rabbit vibrator and found that I really love the ones with the beads that twist and turn while I place the vibrating rabbit ears around my clit and I start cumming like a machine! I found a bunch of cheap rabbit vibrator sex toys here and some more Rabbit Vibrators here.

I like to buy most of my sex toys online as I shopped and shopped and I always save money from going into a neighborhood adult store. Besides who wants to go there and be seen by someone? I also found there is a huge selection out there and that why I have 2 big Rubbermaid bins in my closet filled with sex toys. When I bring a guy over and they see my collection they go know how boys love their toys!