Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Ancient Stone Dildo unearthed in cave

OK. I have to admit it. I listen to Howard Stern whenever I can and I could not believe that Robin was reading the news and discussing the exact same news article I was reading about an ancient 28,000 year old phallus. I guess great minds think alike!

Since this sculpted and polished phallus found in a German cave near Ulm in the Swabian Jura is life size, scientists suggest it may have been used as a sex toy.

This prehistoric ”tool” is 20cm-long and 3cm-wide was reassembled from 14 fragments of siltstone. I call it a tool based upon the fact that it was used to knap, or split, flints.

According to Professor Nicholas Conard, from the department of Early Prehistory and Quaternary Ecology, at Tübingen University ”It’s highly polished; it’s clearly recognizable, In addition to being a symbolic representation of male genitalia, it was also at times used for knapping flints as there are some areas where it has some very typical scars from that”.

”Female representations with highly accentuated sexual attributes are very well documented at many sites, but male representations are very, very rare,” explained Professor Conard. There are a few other stone objects that are obviously phallic symbols and are slightly older - from France and Morocco, but to have any representation of male genitalia from this time period is highly unusual. I have to assume that a life size stone dildo would be very much like the glass dildos I have used and written about here.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Sex Motels in Taiwan

Designed for love and used for sex romps, Taiwan is designing some of the most luxurious love hotels in the business. These sexcapades hotel industry is transforming from sleazy, windowless rooms into a multi-billion dollar industry.

Sex motels were first made famous in the 1960s by Japan and South Korea has been on the sex motel bandwagon for years. Sex motel clients range usually range in age from 25 to 50.

The WeGo Motel opened in 2002 with a spacious 87-room facility and is to be one of the most popular love motels in Taiwan. WeGo Taipei manager Henry Bai told reporters ”It is no longer necessary for lovers to resort to cheap or dirty rooms when they want to spend a few hours alone.”

”We don’t want to convey a sex hotel image, so we don’t put much sex equipment [paraphernalia] in the rooms. We are branding the love motel concept, with an emphasis on style and luxury,” Bai said. Besides condoms placed on every bedside table, the upscale rooms certainly don’t look like rooms that are exclusively used for sex. They come decorated in 6 themes from mirrored ceiling pleasure dens to a Titanic Room.

Sex Motel guests in these new upscale venues are usually treated with exceptionally superior service. a wide selection of toiletries and confectioneries are stock in bathrooms and bedrooms that compare to or exceeded the quality of those found in 5 star hotels.

The better lover motels have ISO 9001 certification, which assumes an international standard of quality in the hospitality industry.

Cleaning procedures demand three housekeepers to clean one room, which takes from 20 to 30 minutes per room which is also inspected prior to being rented out.

Clients must be 18 or older and no more or no less than 2 to a room.

There is a feature in the WeGo sex hotel I love; they have a pre-recorded soundtrack that you can play if you make a phone call that sounds like a beach, office or train station.

I have to say, if I ever found myself in Taiwan, I would have to check this place out!

Monday, July 18, 2005

Wealthy Men Do Have Better Sex Lives

An online survey conducted by the BBC of almost 30,000 people from 170 countries which was the largest survey of its kind, found that high earners of both genders boast an increased libido over their poorer colleagues. Here is the kicker though, only the wealthy men end up having more sex!

They claim that this is evidence for the theory that women tend to be more attracted to men with money and resources, but a woman’s wealth does not affect her sex appeal to men.

John Manning, professor of psychology at the University of Central Lancashire, who analyzed the results, stated ”Men accumulate resources, which they use to attract women”.

”When it comes to men with little by way of resources, women are just not interested in them at all. As a man’s earning power goes up, you would expect him to be having more sex and be with more sexual partners.”

According to Professor Manning Feminine charms were barely enhanced by income because men paid more attention to other qualities, such as looks. Now isn’t that sad!

David Buss, of the University of Texas conducted an analysis of 10,000 men and women from 37 different cultures and found a pattern to male and female preferences. Women were much more likely to favor a mate with a high income and social status, but these traits mattered little to men.

You just have to look at the personal ads to see that men seem to emphasize their income and status, but women are more likely to claim look good or have a slim figure.

Sex drive in both men and women is thought to be influenced by the infamous male hormone: testosterone, which is also associated with assertiveness. We know that high levels of testosterone have a tendency to make people more competitive, which often in the business world mean that they will make more money all the while independently increasing their libido.

Looks like this is just one more time when men win the battle of the sexes.

In the past few days I have posted a few stories that were not as sex toy related as one might expect, but I think they it is good for all of my readers to know this things so every once in a while expect to get a more scientific lesson on sex here!

Women Complain About Having Too Much Sex Because Of Viagra

I just read studies by Canterbury University of men and women in relationships where men aged from their mid 30s to early 70s had ”erectile difficulties”.

It seems that that in New Zealand some women are bugged that Viagra is giving their sex life too much of a lift because men want to get their money’s worth and are insisting on having sex - regardless of their partners mood.

One 48-year-old who participated in the study said Viagra made sex inevitable, said the attitude of her husband was: ”I’ve taken the Viagra pill, OK, let’s go”. According to a 60-year-old: ”All of a sudden Viagra became the focus in the house for a while” and complained that it was difficult to adjust to a sudden, vigorous sex life.

Researcher Annie Potts from the Canterbury University is working on a project on ”Viagra culture” and presented some of her findings at a conference in Montreal titled Women and the New Sexual Politics: Profits vs. Pleasures.

The Health Research Council funded a three years' study of the "socio-cultural implications" of Viagra and similar drugs. It was reported in the Montreal Gazette that even though there has been tremendous scientific research on the safety of drugs such as Viagra aimed at improving sexual performance - few studies had looked at the emotional and relational impacts.

This study concluded that those women who were not interested in having sex more frequently actually risked being labeled dysfunctional themselves and that the women may even be pressured to accept some form of treatment.

I guess I am just not at a point in my life where this would be a problem for me!

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Sex Toy Survey

At the end of July, there will be a 2005 Global Sex Survey (GSS) and the results will be tabulated from at least 40 counties. The final results of this sex toy survey will be released in November of 2005. Last year there were an astonishing 350,000 respondents, which makes the GSS the largest piece of sex research of its kind in the world.

Take the survey and you will receive five condoms and up to one million condoms will be donated to Dance4Life, an international project that assists young people in becoming more actively involved in the struggle against HIV/AIDS.

All respondents to the sex survey will be entered into a free prize drawing for five days on a game reserve in Kruger and five nights accommodations in Cape Town. The lucky winner will also have an exclusive opportunity to meet with Dance4Life representatives to experience first hand how the program is benefiting from the condom donation.

Even taking second place in this drawing is not too bad as the second place winner will receive a flat screen TV.

Whether you win a prize or not, taking part in this survey should be fun, help those around you, get you free condoms and help promote safe sex and educate the world on sex and sex toys so as far as I am concerned, there are no losers!

Mark your calendars and check out the contest rules that can be found online at: http://www.durex.com.

Canadians Love Their Vibrators!

Well those guys and girls up north known for their obsessions in hockey, curling, and beer, but now according to a study by a manufacturer of condoms and sex toys, 39% of Canadians, both male and female, responded to a survey that they already own a vibrator.

Worldwide vibrator ownership is 27% and it seems that the older one is the more likely that they own a sex toy such as a vibrator. For example vibrator sex toy ownership jumps to 51% among Canadians 25-34, and peaks at 61% among respondents of the sex toy survey that are aged 44-55.

Now it seems that vibrator sex toys are in such a substantial demand in Canada, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, for the first time mainstream retail drug stores will be handling vibrating sex toys marketed as personal massagers.

I found a quote by Stephanie Mitelman who is a certified sexuality educator who thinks that’s good news for couples. ”We seem to be increasingly more open to exploring our sexual desires and experimenting with having a little more fun in the bedroom,” said Mitelman. ”The availability of these massagers on mainstream retail shelves is an opportunity for men and women to connect in new ways and celebrate the freedom to enjoy personal massage.”

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Glass Dildos and Sex Toys

Yesterday I gave you a short lesson on rubber, Cyberskin, and silicone Dildos. Today I will discuss on of the most talked about sex toy which was features on HBO’s Real Sex TV Show – Glass Dildos and Glass sex toys.

These sex toys even though they are made from glass are perfectly safe and feel fantastic. These Pyrex glass sex toys are works of art that will last a lifetime. They used to range in price from $40 to $300 with most being under $150. This is a huge price drop from only a few years ago when none were less than $400.

The first glass sex toys are made by Asstroknots and those were the ones show in use on HBO’s Real Sex TV Show which started the glass sex toy craze.

When these glass sex toys were first released, the quality of the Asstroknots sex toys were unmatched and well as the sheer variety and functional designs. Given time better knock off glass sex toys are out there but they can not compare to the real deal.

So why are glass sex toys so prized? The feel great, last a lifetime, clean better than any other toy, and unlike excessive vibrator use do not desensitize you. You can find out more or purchase one of these beauties at one of the sites below.

Glass sex toys and metal dildos are non-porous like silicone and great for the ease of cleaning and can be boiled like silicone. An added bonus is that a little lube goes a long way with these wonderful sex toys.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Dildos: A Short Lesson on Sex Toys

Friday I wrote about a little about some of the historical facts about antique sex toys and some of the new choices in sex toys out there. Today I am going to write about one of the most popular types of sex toys: dildos.

Rather than dildos made from camel dung like they did in the past, dildos are now made from a variety of materials: rubber, silicone, glass, acrylic, vinyl, and metal. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages as a sex toy.

What I think is real important when picking out you new dildo for a sex toy is both the shape and texture of a dildo since the most sensitive part of the vagina is the outer third. For this reason I steer away from any of the novelty sex toys. If a dildo it is not shaped like a penis or a smooth rod, I do not use it as a sex toy - but that is my personal choice.

You will find that most dildos have a flanged bottom or balls, which do allow you to secure your lovely new dildo into a harness with a metal or plastic ”O” ring. There are harnesses made from leather, vinyl, denim and lots of other materials.

Rubber dildos are the most affordable dildo out there many of which are less than $30. There is a wide range of rubber dildos, including one of my favorites are the ”jellies” which are softer dildos than the plain rubber dildos. You have to clean rubber dildos with an anti-bacterial soap and be careful not to submerge any dildo or sex toy in water if it has any moving or vibrating parts.

If you have ever felt any Cyberskin sex toys you would understand why these are considered the most comfortable and realistic sex toy material. Dildos made from Cyberskin has a very realistic texture and human flesh feel.

Cyberskin Dildos warm quickly to your body temperature which adds to the experience. The most realistic dildo sex toys feature a bendable but firm core to adjust to shape and position. The best dildos even have weighted balls for a realistic feel and balance when used for intercourse with a harness or solo.

Strange but true, Cyberskin is the choice material for anyone who wishes to ”pack” a dildo for a realistic bulge in your pants (such as a Soft Pack), which simulates a flaccid penis.

Cyberskin dildos do require a little more care than most sex toys. After you clean your dildo with soap and water, you must let it dry it thoroughly before you dust your Cyberskin dildo with some cornstarch to prevent it from getting tacky or sticky. It is also real important that you do not rest any Cyberskin or similar sex toys against other sex toys, as it could melt or deform them.

Even with the higher purchase cost and higher maintenance I still think that Cyberskin sex toys are unmatchable for realism and comfortable to use.

More expensive than rubber Silicone dildos are also and excellent choice. They are expensive sex toys as they are often handcrafted in small batches. What is a real advantage over other soft materials is that Silicone is non-porous and can be sterilized by boiling in hot water for 5 to 10 minutes. You can even put your Silicone dildos in the dish washer (but remember to take them out before you have friends over for dinner!

Another advantage is that Silicone dildos last longer than other soft sex toy materials and they come in a wide range of vivid colors. Silicone lube causes a chemical reaction with silicone toys, causing them to disintegrate so make sure that you only use water-based or silicone-free lube with silicone sex toys.

In the future I will discuss the most prized dildos out there - glass!

Remember condoms should ALWAYS be used when using sex toys with a partner, and changed when switching orifices.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Eve and Steve J Sex Toy Tape News

Sorry to say, the link that I put on this board for the Eve and Steve J Sex Toy Tape is no longer working.

I guess her lawyers shut it down.

If I find it elsewhere I will be sure to post a new link to the Eve and Steve J Sex Toy Tape story.

Now He is Just a Fuck Buddy.

Looks like hurricane Dennis is going to miss us down here but the winds were really howling last night and it poured like crazy.

It seems that it was storming more last night in my townhouse though that wit was outside as I finally broke it off with boyfriend Kevin. I knew for a while that he was not the one, but I guess I just didn’t have the guts to break it off as the sex was great (of course) and he works for the school system too so it is now going to be a little awkward.

well after I told him how I felt last night (again!) this time it sunk in. He didn’t even ask if I wanted him to stay over, he just went around from room to room looking for his stuff until I had to stop him because I felt so bad for him. I told him what ever was in the laundry I would wash and he could pick it up which seemed to cheer him up some.

Then just like a typical guy he asked for one more roll in the hay for ”old time’s sake”. I agreed. It may have been a mistake as I think he thinks I was making him my new fuck buddy. A ”friend with benifits” is ok with me, as long as the guy does not think he owns me and that usually becomes the case.

I think one of the things that kinda freaked him out about me is this sex toy blog. Although he is not very private about his sexually experience and is (was I guess now) not intimidated when I bring toys into bed with us, the fact that I was going to share some of our personal experience freaked him out.

From experience I have learned that some guys think that it is and insult if I want to bring sex toys into our lovemaking. They think they might be lacking something or they just can’t satisfy me if I have to bring sex toys into bed with us.

My advice to let a guy know that they are not lacking anything! Sex toys to me are like a fantastic dessert after a great meal. I don’t want to just have the dessert and if there is room for more after a meal why not have dessert!

Would you believe he just called? He seemed so damn clingy again so I told him that I want to stay friends but for now lets just take it easy.

Friday, July 08, 2005

More Sex Toy Talk!

I don’t have much time to post today but as a teacher on vacation I want to give you at least a little history on sex toys.

The oldest sex toys that have been found are 12,000 years old from China. The Chinese made dildos out of ivory, jade, and even wood. They served as both sex toys as well as pieces of art to be shown to others.

Another sex toy that has been used throughout the ages has been unripe bananas that both ancient Polynesian and Arab women used.

Early mid-eastern women used dried camel dung coated in a hard resin. Surprisingly dung has also been used in many cultures as a crude form of contraceptive that has been proven scientifically to actually work. Sorry but I will stick to my regiment of the pill and condom combo!

I have to tell you when it comes to sex toys despite what some say, size definitely matters!

When building my huge collection of sex toys I learned the hard way that some of the small vibrators or very slim line sex toys whether they are vibrator or dildo just leave me craving for more. I never had kids and consider myself small so I guess small sex toys may be even less satisfying for me then.

Even though it is small I still love my I Vibe vibrator which is also great when I am on the road!

Don’t get me even started about some of those ultra huge dildos and sex toys. I mean some of the very large sex toys I can handle but some of the freakishly large sex toys like the King Dong Dildo which is 15 inch long and more than 2 inches wide and is just beyond what I can handle so it sits on a shelf in the back of my closet.

The rabbit sex toy vibrators have become one of the most popular sex toys due to media exposure, even the ladies on Sex in the City raved about their little rabbits and backed up by the fact that the Rabbit Vibrator really does work great for any women. I personally like the cordless ones better but that's just me.

I do not have anymore time to post right now, but I will continue either tonight or tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Sex Toy Tape Causes Eve to Hire a Private Eye

Since Steve J denies any wrong doing in the regard to the new infamous Eve sex toy tape, Eve has decided to go and hired private investigator to find out who took her personal sex tape and blasted it out over the net.

Things haven’t been going so well for Eve lately between this sex toy sex tape and the fact that some of her nude pictures from her stripper days were also plastered all over the net.

Eve claims that her naked pictures that are being passed around were done by a man who was blackmailing her over the sex pictures and told the New York Daily News: ”He’s called all these radio stations telling them about the photo. I mean, he’s the type of guy who wakes up every morning to do this.”

I just don’t get why she is upset about naked pictures if she was as stripper. I can see that she might now want to be seen with a dildo shoved in her, but nudes? Give me a break!

I have to say that Paris Hilton might have handled her situation a little better by making some coin off of her unfortunate ”leaked” tape.

So far no one that I have known who saw the Eve Steve J Sex Tape was really that impressed. I can not say the same for the Paris Hilton sex tapes which were real hot and sexy and difinatly worth paying to see. Both the Eve sex tape and first Paris Hilton sex tape had something to share in common, real shitty picture quality! The second round of Paris Hilton videos were of much higher quality, so who knows, maybe some better Eve sex toy tapes are on the way!

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Vibrating Condom Ring

Condoms aren’t very popular in India; only four-five per cent of women use them as a contraceptive even though the risk of HIV infections spreading is rising by the day so the Indian Government is contemplating introducing vibrating condoms in order to make condoms more popular.

These vibratory condoms will have a battery-operated small chip in them which is supposed to enhance pleasure and according to officials increase acceptability which will hopefully make them popular among commercial sex workers.

Now I think that adding an additional element of excitement and adventure to condoms are a good thing. So far I have never seen one of the vibrating condoms for sale anywhere (trust me I have looked!) but I have bought and used a Vibrating Condom Ring and I have to say it was really cool. It was not the best sex toy I have ever used but it did make my toes curl when the vibration got me off. It is so small and discreet it is a perfect sex toy for traveling or just being on the go.

I have seen these Trustex Vibrating Ring and Condom Pack selling for $9.95. I also tried and loved this ultra cool Vibrating Cock Ring. It gives clit-rubbing vibrations for her and a thicker stronger erection for him. You can buy this vibrating cock ring here.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Search for the Perfect Penis

So I am looking on the web for a perfect looking and feeling toy penis and I find this interesting review of a show on Australian TV called the ”Search for the Perfect Penis”.

Now of course I can not get that program on cable right now (not even pay per view LOL), but the review brought to light some interesting fact I did now and some I didn’t so I thought I would share these Penis secrets with you.

The Search for the Perfect Penis is a Canadian made show that is part user’s manual for a penis and part quirky fact file. Apparently the whole show is done in a fun tongue-in-cheek manner and goes through how a penis is a multipurpose tool designed for urination, procreation and pleasure.

The show interviews urologists, tantric sex teachers, a lesbian sex toy salesperson, a dildo designer and a bunch of guys who don’t have any real qualifications other than owning a penis and thinking about it.

Now I am not a guy, but apparently many men’s identities and sense of self-worth are tied to their penis and most that fell as though they are under average size are surprisingly not as the average penis size is smaller than most think.

For women’s sexual pleasure girth is more important than its length (I could have told you that!). Most men who surgically increase the size of their penis are policemen, sportsmen or in the military.

Some interesting penis facts:

  • Sperm is not fattening. (woo hoo!)

  • Boxer are no better than briefs for sperm production.(news to me)

  • A circumcised penis is not less sensitive.

  • In order to get a good, fast acting, and long lasting stiffy, a low-fat diet is good, stress is bad, and smoking is very bad.

  • There is a link between penis size and the size of a man's feet, hands and/or nose.

  • By the age of 60 a man will have produced between 35 and 60 liters of semen, one teaspoon at a time, containing 350-500 billion sperm cells.

Ok these are not earth shattering but it was interesting and if this show ever does play on cable here I am going to be sure to watch it!

Oh well, after all this penis talk it is time for a ”buz” so I will catch you later!