Saturday, July 09, 2005

Now He is Just a Fuck Buddy.

Looks like hurricane Dennis is going to miss us down here but the winds were really howling last night and it poured like crazy.

It seems that it was storming more last night in my townhouse though that wit was outside as I finally broke it off with boyfriend Kevin. I knew for a while that he was not the one, but I guess I just didn’t have the guts to break it off as the sex was great (of course) and he works for the school system too so it is now going to be a little awkward.

well after I told him how I felt last night (again!) this time it sunk in. He didn’t even ask if I wanted him to stay over, he just went around from room to room looking for his stuff until I had to stop him because I felt so bad for him. I told him what ever was in the laundry I would wash and he could pick it up which seemed to cheer him up some.

Then just like a typical guy he asked for one more roll in the hay for ”old time’s sake”. I agreed. It may have been a mistake as I think he thinks I was making him my new fuck buddy. A ”friend with benifits” is ok with me, as long as the guy does not think he owns me and that usually becomes the case.

I think one of the things that kinda freaked him out about me is this sex toy blog. Although he is not very private about his sexually experience and is (was I guess now) not intimidated when I bring toys into bed with us, the fact that I was going to share some of our personal experience freaked him out.

From experience I have learned that some guys think that it is and insult if I want to bring sex toys into our lovemaking. They think they might be lacking something or they just can’t satisfy me if I have to bring sex toys into bed with us.

My advice to let a guy know that they are not lacking anything! Sex toys to me are like a fantastic dessert after a great meal. I don’t want to just have the dessert and if there is room for more after a meal why not have dessert!

Would you believe he just called? He seemed so damn clingy again so I told him that I want to stay friends but for now lets just take it easy.

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