Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Sex Toy Tape Causes Eve to Hire a Private Eye

Since Steve J denies any wrong doing in the regard to the new infamous Eve sex toy tape, Eve has decided to go and hired private investigator to find out who took her personal sex tape and blasted it out over the net.

Things haven’t been going so well for Eve lately between this sex toy sex tape and the fact that some of her nude pictures from her stripper days were also plastered all over the net.

Eve claims that her naked pictures that are being passed around were done by a man who was blackmailing her over the sex pictures and told the New York Daily News: ”He’s called all these radio stations telling them about the photo. I mean, he’s the type of guy who wakes up every morning to do this.”

I just don’t get why she is upset about naked pictures if she was as stripper. I can see that she might now want to be seen with a dildo shoved in her, but nudes? Give me a break!

I have to say that Paris Hilton might have handled her situation a little better by making some coin off of her unfortunate ”leaked” tape.

So far no one that I have known who saw the Eve Steve J Sex Tape was really that impressed. I can not say the same for the Paris Hilton sex tapes which were real hot and sexy and difinatly worth paying to see. Both the Eve sex tape and first Paris Hilton sex tape had something to share in common, real shitty picture quality! The second round of Paris Hilton videos were of much higher quality, so who knows, maybe some better Eve sex toy tapes are on the way!

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