Monday, February 06, 2006

I Know I Should Be Posting On Here More...

I have been so busy between the hurricanes last year, my new online lingerie store, teaching, and just the usual day to day grind I have just not enough time to post here. Sad to say I have not had much time to try out new sex toys either - boo hoo!

So much has happened since my last post, I had to move because of hurricane damage to my condo, I got a cute new car which I love - a little Honda, 2 guys have come (and now are gone) and I now have my own Sirius Radio to get Howard Stern in my new car and in my bedroom!

Insurance took care of most of my cost associated with Katrina and Wilma - that’s right I got hit twice! The rest is not enough for a tax write off though - what a pain in the ass - 2 deductibles to pay!

The Lingerie store is doing well but taking way more time than I expected. I never had to advertise my store but was smart enough to hire a search engine optimization and marketing company who got me tremendous results and they were right here in my backyard. Thanks guys! You saved me a bundle!

I almost forgot, someone hired me for a small modeling gig and boy did my head swell! It was a small perfume company who is local down here in Boca Raton Florida. The pay was nice and I though I would just walk in, spend an hour or 2 and collect my money. It turned out to be way harder that that and I expected offered to come flooding in the door - not a single call!