Monday, July 18, 2005

Women Complain About Having Too Much Sex Because Of Viagra

I just read studies by Canterbury University of men and women in relationships where men aged from their mid 30s to early 70s had ”erectile difficulties”.

It seems that that in New Zealand some women are bugged that Viagra is giving their sex life too much of a lift because men want to get their money’s worth and are insisting on having sex - regardless of their partners mood.

One 48-year-old who participated in the study said Viagra made sex inevitable, said the attitude of her husband was: ”I’ve taken the Viagra pill, OK, let’s go”. According to a 60-year-old: ”All of a sudden Viagra became the focus in the house for a while” and complained that it was difficult to adjust to a sudden, vigorous sex life.

Researcher Annie Potts from the Canterbury University is working on a project on ”Viagra culture” and presented some of her findings at a conference in Montreal titled Women and the New Sexual Politics: Profits vs. Pleasures.

The Health Research Council funded a three years' study of the "socio-cultural implications" of Viagra and similar drugs. It was reported in the Montreal Gazette that even though there has been tremendous scientific research on the safety of drugs such as Viagra aimed at improving sexual performance - few studies had looked at the emotional and relational impacts.

This study concluded that those women who were not interested in having sex more frequently actually risked being labeled dysfunctional themselves and that the women may even be pressured to accept some form of treatment.

I guess I am just not at a point in my life where this would be a problem for me!

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