Friday, July 08, 2005

More Sex Toy Talk!

I don’t have much time to post today but as a teacher on vacation I want to give you at least a little history on sex toys.

The oldest sex toys that have been found are 12,000 years old from China. The Chinese made dildos out of ivory, jade, and even wood. They served as both sex toys as well as pieces of art to be shown to others.

Another sex toy that has been used throughout the ages has been unripe bananas that both ancient Polynesian and Arab women used.

Early mid-eastern women used dried camel dung coated in a hard resin. Surprisingly dung has also been used in many cultures as a crude form of contraceptive that has been proven scientifically to actually work. Sorry but I will stick to my regiment of the pill and condom combo!

I have to tell you when it comes to sex toys despite what some say, size definitely matters!

When building my huge collection of sex toys I learned the hard way that some of the small vibrators or very slim line sex toys whether they are vibrator or dildo just leave me craving for more. I never had kids and consider myself small so I guess small sex toys may be even less satisfying for me then.

Even though it is small I still love my I Vibe vibrator which is also great when I am on the road!

Don’t get me even started about some of those ultra huge dildos and sex toys. I mean some of the very large sex toys I can handle but some of the freakishly large sex toys like the King Dong Dildo which is 15 inch long and more than 2 inches wide and is just beyond what I can handle so it sits on a shelf in the back of my closet.

The rabbit sex toy vibrators have become one of the most popular sex toys due to media exposure, even the ladies on Sex in the City raved about their little rabbits and backed up by the fact that the Rabbit Vibrator really does work great for any women. I personally like the cordless ones better but that's just me.

I do not have anymore time to post right now, but I will continue either tonight or tomorrow!

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