Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Sex Motels in Taiwan

Designed for love and used for sex romps, Taiwan is designing some of the most luxurious love hotels in the business. These sexcapades hotel industry is transforming from sleazy, windowless rooms into a multi-billion dollar industry.

Sex motels were first made famous in the 1960s by Japan and South Korea has been on the sex motel bandwagon for years. Sex motel clients range usually range in age from 25 to 50.

The WeGo Motel opened in 2002 with a spacious 87-room facility and is to be one of the most popular love motels in Taiwan. WeGo Taipei manager Henry Bai told reporters ”It is no longer necessary for lovers to resort to cheap or dirty rooms when they want to spend a few hours alone.”

”We don’t want to convey a sex hotel image, so we don’t put much sex equipment [paraphernalia] in the rooms. We are branding the love motel concept, with an emphasis on style and luxury,” Bai said. Besides condoms placed on every bedside table, the upscale rooms certainly don’t look like rooms that are exclusively used for sex. They come decorated in 6 themes from mirrored ceiling pleasure dens to a Titanic Room.

Sex Motel guests in these new upscale venues are usually treated with exceptionally superior service. a wide selection of toiletries and confectioneries are stock in bathrooms and bedrooms that compare to or exceeded the quality of those found in 5 star hotels.

The better lover motels have ISO 9001 certification, which assumes an international standard of quality in the hospitality industry.

Cleaning procedures demand three housekeepers to clean one room, which takes from 20 to 30 minutes per room which is also inspected prior to being rented out.

Clients must be 18 or older and no more or no less than 2 to a room.

There is a feature in the WeGo sex hotel I love; they have a pre-recorded soundtrack that you can play if you make a phone call that sounds like a beach, office or train station.

I have to say, if I ever found myself in Taiwan, I would have to check this place out!

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