Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Glass Dildos and Sex Toys

Yesterday I gave you a short lesson on rubber, Cyberskin, and silicone Dildos. Today I will discuss on of the most talked about sex toy which was features on HBO’s Real Sex TV Show – Glass Dildos and Glass sex toys.

These sex toys even though they are made from glass are perfectly safe and feel fantastic. These Pyrex glass sex toys are works of art that will last a lifetime. They used to range in price from $40 to $300 with most being under $150. This is a huge price drop from only a few years ago when none were less than $400.

The first glass sex toys are made by Asstroknots and those were the ones show in use on HBO’s Real Sex TV Show which started the glass sex toy craze.

When these glass sex toys were first released, the quality of the Asstroknots sex toys were unmatched and well as the sheer variety and functional designs. Given time better knock off glass sex toys are out there but they can not compare to the real deal.

So why are glass sex toys so prized? The feel great, last a lifetime, clean better than any other toy, and unlike excessive vibrator use do not desensitize you. You can find out more or purchase one of these beauties at one of the sites below.

Glass sex toys and metal dildos are non-porous like silicone and great for the ease of cleaning and can be boiled like silicone. An added bonus is that a little lube goes a long way with these wonderful sex toys.

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