Sunday, July 17, 2005

Sex Toy Survey

At the end of July, there will be a 2005 Global Sex Survey (GSS) and the results will be tabulated from at least 40 counties. The final results of this sex toy survey will be released in November of 2005. Last year there were an astonishing 350,000 respondents, which makes the GSS the largest piece of sex research of its kind in the world.

Take the survey and you will receive five condoms and up to one million condoms will be donated to Dance4Life, an international project that assists young people in becoming more actively involved in the struggle against HIV/AIDS.

All respondents to the sex survey will be entered into a free prize drawing for five days on a game reserve in Kruger and five nights accommodations in Cape Town. The lucky winner will also have an exclusive opportunity to meet with Dance4Life representatives to experience first hand how the program is benefiting from the condom donation.

Even taking second place in this drawing is not too bad as the second place winner will receive a flat screen TV.

Whether you win a prize or not, taking part in this survey should be fun, help those around you, get you free condoms and help promote safe sex and educate the world on sex and sex toys so as far as I am concerned, there are no losers!

Mark your calendars and check out the contest rules that can be found online at:

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