Friday, July 01, 2005

Search for the Perfect Penis

So I am looking on the web for a perfect looking and feeling toy penis and I find this interesting review of a show on Australian TV called the ”Search for the Perfect Penis”.

Now of course I can not get that program on cable right now (not even pay per view LOL), but the review brought to light some interesting fact I did now and some I didn’t so I thought I would share these Penis secrets with you.

The Search for the Perfect Penis is a Canadian made show that is part user’s manual for a penis and part quirky fact file. Apparently the whole show is done in a fun tongue-in-cheek manner and goes through how a penis is a multipurpose tool designed for urination, procreation and pleasure.

The show interviews urologists, tantric sex teachers, a lesbian sex toy salesperson, a dildo designer and a bunch of guys who don’t have any real qualifications other than owning a penis and thinking about it.

Now I am not a guy, but apparently many men’s identities and sense of self-worth are tied to their penis and most that fell as though they are under average size are surprisingly not as the average penis size is smaller than most think.

For women’s sexual pleasure girth is more important than its length (I could have told you that!). Most men who surgically increase the size of their penis are policemen, sportsmen or in the military.

Some interesting penis facts:

  • Sperm is not fattening. (woo hoo!)

  • Boxer are no better than briefs for sperm production.(news to me)

  • A circumcised penis is not less sensitive.

  • In order to get a good, fast acting, and long lasting stiffy, a low-fat diet is good, stress is bad, and smoking is very bad.

  • There is a link between penis size and the size of a man's feet, hands and/or nose.

  • By the age of 60 a man will have produced between 35 and 60 liters of semen, one teaspoon at a time, containing 350-500 billion sperm cells.

Ok these are not earth shattering but it was interesting and if this show ever does play on cable here I am going to be sure to watch it!

Oh well, after all this penis talk it is time for a ”buz” so I will catch you later!

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