Thursday, June 30, 2005

China's Sex Toy Industry

I just read an interesting article about China’s sex toy industry which accounts for 70% of all adult sex toys made world wide.

The article was in the British paper The Guardian and was written by Jonathan Watts and it really amused me.

The communists during the Cultural Revolution made people wear unisex ”uniform type’ clothing and often separated the men from the women. Sexy Clothes were discouraged, displays of affection were very taboo and that even in the 1980’s a whopping 84% of people who were getting married were virgins! Can you imagine that in less than 20 years they went from 84% of the people had no premarital sex to 30%!

Of course gays and lesbians were harshly discouraged, but now gay and lesbian bars are in vogue and in the large cities such as Shanghai, Guangzhou they are packed with patrons looking for love and a little fun.

The article went on to say that the first sex toy shops started opening in the capital Beijing only in 1993 and now there were more than 2,000 sex toy stores in Beijing alone. That’s a lot of vibrators, butt plugs, and blow up dolls with Cyberskin vaginas!

The article starts in a sex toy factory and described the boredom and tedium of putting pubic hair on plastic vaginas, studs and chains on bondage outfits, and inserting motors into vibrators and then making sure that they work. All I could do is picture Lucy from the I Love Lucy show on a production line making dildo as fast as she can and popping those she can not make in her mouth!

The article went on to say that sexual values remain very conservative in the countryside, but I am sure that is going to change as soon as they start playing with all of those sex toys!

Want to read more? The article is right here.

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