Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Sex Toys You Play With Over The Internet

So I just started this sex toy blog and write about how much I like my little rabbit vibrator. No sooner than I finish posting on my sex toy blog and I get a phone call from my friend Shauna who goes on and on about the ”ultimate sex toy” that she just tried and that her life is going to change now...blah blah blah.

You see Shauna’s has been married for 3 years now to Gary. She is my first friend to get married which she did while she was still in school to her High School sweetheart. Even though they didn’t have much he did treat her well and those 2 lovebirds were always all over each other.

Now Shauna is always bitching to me that he is usually too tired and their sex life was not what it was. She was even thinking that he may be fucking around on her as she caught him once in their senior year and never lets him forget is (big mistake!).

Of course Gary travels with a laptop and always stays in a hotel with a high-speed internet access. They tried having cybersex and even got 2 of those web cams but found they were always to dark and it was hard to stay in the screen. Sometimes they have phone sex but it’s not the same thing.

Now Gary can be a dork and real cheap when it comes to most things but this time he came up with a winner. He bought a wireless box that hooks up to his computer at home that he controls over the internet that controls a whole bunch of sex toys!

He bought 2 wireless remote activated toys for Shauna: a vibrating egg and a jack rabbit vibrating sex toy from Sinulator Toys. Now Gary sits at night in his hotel room with his laptop and is able to control the toys over the internet!

I thought that this is the coolest thing I have ever heard. Imagine meeting people in a chat room and being able to really have totally safe sex with them and never having to deal with any lame assholes.

I saved the best part for last. He just ordered an attachment that he hooks up to his laptop and when he puts his cock in it and moves around, the sex toy such as a vibrator on the other computer thrusts and moves as he does!

This new idea in sex toys has to be the best idea I have ever heard of!

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