Sunday, July 03, 2005

Vibrating Condom Ring

Condoms aren’t very popular in India; only four-five per cent of women use them as a contraceptive even though the risk of HIV infections spreading is rising by the day so the Indian Government is contemplating introducing vibrating condoms in order to make condoms more popular.

These vibratory condoms will have a battery-operated small chip in them which is supposed to enhance pleasure and according to officials increase acceptability which will hopefully make them popular among commercial sex workers.

Now I think that adding an additional element of excitement and adventure to condoms are a good thing. So far I have never seen one of the vibrating condoms for sale anywhere (trust me I have looked!) but I have bought and used a Vibrating Condom Ring and I have to say it was really cool. It was not the best sex toy I have ever used but it did make my toes curl when the vibration got me off. It is so small and discreet it is a perfect sex toy for traveling or just being on the go.

I have seen these Trustex Vibrating Ring and Condom Pack selling for $9.95. I also tried and loved this ultra cool Vibrating Cock Ring. It gives clit-rubbing vibrations for her and a thicker stronger erection for him. You can buy this vibrating cock ring here.

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