Sunday, July 17, 2005

Canadians Love Their Vibrators!

Well those guys and girls up north known for their obsessions in hockey, curling, and beer, but now according to a study by a manufacturer of condoms and sex toys, 39% of Canadians, both male and female, responded to a survey that they already own a vibrator.

Worldwide vibrator ownership is 27% and it seems that the older one is the more likely that they own a sex toy such as a vibrator. For example vibrator sex toy ownership jumps to 51% among Canadians 25-34, and peaks at 61% among respondents of the sex toy survey that are aged 44-55.

Now it seems that vibrator sex toys are in such a substantial demand in Canada, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, for the first time mainstream retail drug stores will be handling vibrating sex toys marketed as personal massagers.

I found a quote by Stephanie Mitelman who is a certified sexuality educator who thinks that’s good news for couples. ”We seem to be increasingly more open to exploring our sexual desires and experimenting with having a little more fun in the bedroom,” said Mitelman. ”The availability of these massagers on mainstream retail shelves is an opportunity for men and women to connect in new ways and celebrate the freedom to enjoy personal massage.”

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