Monday, July 18, 2005

Wealthy Men Do Have Better Sex Lives

An online survey conducted by the BBC of almost 30,000 people from 170 countries which was the largest survey of its kind, found that high earners of both genders boast an increased libido over their poorer colleagues. Here is the kicker though, only the wealthy men end up having more sex!

They claim that this is evidence for the theory that women tend to be more attracted to men with money and resources, but a woman’s wealth does not affect her sex appeal to men.

John Manning, professor of psychology at the University of Central Lancashire, who analyzed the results, stated ”Men accumulate resources, which they use to attract women”.

”When it comes to men with little by way of resources, women are just not interested in them at all. As a man’s earning power goes up, you would expect him to be having more sex and be with more sexual partners.”

According to Professor Manning Feminine charms were barely enhanced by income because men paid more attention to other qualities, such as looks. Now isn’t that sad!

David Buss, of the University of Texas conducted an analysis of 10,000 men and women from 37 different cultures and found a pattern to male and female preferences. Women were much more likely to favor a mate with a high income and social status, but these traits mattered little to men.

You just have to look at the personal ads to see that men seem to emphasize their income and status, but women are more likely to claim look good or have a slim figure.

Sex drive in both men and women is thought to be influenced by the infamous male hormone: testosterone, which is also associated with assertiveness. We know that high levels of testosterone have a tendency to make people more competitive, which often in the business world mean that they will make more money all the while independently increasing their libido.

Looks like this is just one more time when men win the battle of the sexes.

In the past few days I have posted a few stories that were not as sex toy related as one might expect, but I think they it is good for all of my readers to know this things so every once in a while expect to get a more scientific lesson on sex here!

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