Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Are You a 'Sex' Maniac? There Now is a Cure!

How about 94 episodes of sex in the city on 19 discs, along with a 20 th disc of bonus material?

The sex in the city super set is expected to hit the stores Nov. 1. These uncut ”Sex and the City” episodes should stir up new and old viewers who are tired of the cut and edit version on TBS.

Let’s be real, we want the frank and sexual talk (including talking about the rabbit and other sex toys!) and what harm do a few bare boobs do?

Now here is the kicker, not only will you have to wait until November for the DVD collection titled ”Sex and the City: The Complete Series” you will have to dig deep in your pocket as it wont come cheap at $299.95.

The link below is for new and used versions of this DVD on sale.

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