Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Sex gets better after 40?

Housekeeping magazine survey interviewed 1000 women over 40 about their sex life including some questions about sex toys.

What I was thrilled to read was that more than two thirds of women aged between 40 and 50 give their sex lives a positive seven out of 10. Considering women reach their sexual peak in their early thirties and men before 25, I now feel as though there is hope in my future!

Not only do women still enjoy sex when they get older, about half surveyed had sex two or three times a week and 70% had it at least once a week.

Many of the women who answered the sex questionnaire said that they like sex more now as they know what they want and were much more confident in bed as well. Of course many said sex was better as with no children around there was less stress and far more privacy to have sex when and where they wanted it.

Some other interesting facts were 41% of women that were over 40 bought and used sex toys, and that more than a third of married women who answered the sex survey have had one or more affairs. I guess that sex getting better might now have meant with their husbands but with lovers or some well worn sex toys!

The sex survey also showed that a third saw their partners as more attractive now than when they first met but a quarter of them found younger men more alluring!

I guess confidence and experience, sometimes even a little cosmetic surgery is what makes some of the young guys into what women want!

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