Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Vibrating Super Head Honcho Masturbator Sex Toy Review

Well I told you about Kevin before, and now I have a little story for you about what his first experience with a sex toy for guys was like.

He wasn’t looking for an inflatable sex toy but something that felt good on his cock and let him climax with the toy. He went through a few dozen toys and what looked most interesting to him was something with a variable vibrator for a more stimulating experience.

I have written before about Cyberskin Like Sex Toys and Kevin obviously reads this sex toy blog so he thought it would be the most comfortable material and was willing to have to spend more time cleaning his toy and keeping it conditioned.

It was with great anticipation that he opened the package of the Vibrating Super Head Honcho Masturbator He had ordered. The hole in the Honcho Masturbator looked small to him but at first touch the material felt wonderful and Kevin was dieing to try out his brand new sex toy.

With a grin he marched me into the bedroom – actually he kinda pulled me into the bedroom as I was watching a movie that was just about over and he wouldn’t wait. In seconds we were naked in bed ready to start our adventure with his new sex toy.

The toy came with some free lube, a vibrating bullet with a wired remote, an USB cable and the Cyberskin sleeve.

He immediately opened up the lube and I drizzled some on him and started stoking his already erect cock. I put some lube on the sleeve and rubbed it in with my finger. I have to say it did feel quite interesting and life like.

Now it was time for Kevin to actually put his penis in the Cyberskin masturbator sleeve and it was a really tight fit. He not only needed more lube but then had to really work himself into it.

Of course like most sex toys there were no instructions so he has to wonder if he was even inserting his cock in the right side but he was. I then inserted the vibrating bullet into the top of the Cyberskin masturbator sleeve and went to turn it on.

Ok the lube made my hands slippery and the remote for the sex toy has black buttons on a black background – wow stupid are the people who make sex toys and other consumer product that are used in dark areas where they make buttons you can not read or see or read! We even had the light on the desk across the room and the TV was on with the sound off and I had to turn the bedside table lamp to read what was on the remote.

Kevin thought that if he inserted his penis into the sex toy sleeve and just turned the vibrator on that would have been enough for him to get his rocks off and cum. After a few minutes of him being buzzed with the sex toy giving him various pulses and throbs of varying intensity he started to lose his erection as it just wasn’t stimulating him. He said it felt ok but no way would it get him off so he could orgasm.

We both then figured he would have to stroke his cock with the sleeve in order to climax but the sleeve was just too tight on him for him to be able to get off that way. He tried for about 10 minutes to no avail. It just would not let him orgasm even though I used the vibrating bullet that cam with the sex toy on his balls which he liked, but after a while even that got annoying to him.

He then wanted to see if it was just him so he pulled the sleeve off and in less than 3 minutes of me jerking him off he had what he described as a slightly better than normal orgasm, but he did ejaculate much more than normal.

He tried the sex toy 2 more times with basically identical results. His first male sex toy was a complete disappointment to the 2 of us.

Well all is not lost as the vibrating bullet had the most control I have seen for this type of sex toy and I now tried it 4 times and although I have had better sex toys, this is the best vibrating bullet I have used equal to the Sterling Twin Bullet Vibrators pictured below.

In conclusions since the Vibrating Super Head Honcho Masturbator was $34.95 and the Sterling Twin Bullet Vibrators was $39.95. If you are looking for a bargain save the $5.00, get some lube and let the man in your life be able to try the masturbator to see if it works for him.

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