Thursday, August 11, 2005

Sex Toy Convention!

I have been a bad girl. I have not been posting here for days now as I was attending my second adult trade show. This one was right around the corner from me in Hollywood Florida.

The hotel was beautiful and right on the beach with a spectacular view and a brand new beach to replace the one washed away last year from all of the hurricanes.

There were thousands of guests attending the show that had a small expo hall and lectures and parties all over the place. This show was geared to people working on the internet in the adult industry and had lots of paysite companies and of course adult sex toys!

I was like a kid in the candy shop. It was a blast! I saw a few new sex toys that I am going to try out and even got to meet the porn star legend Ron Jeremy! Click this link and you will see Ron Jeremy getting humped by an ape at the trade show.

I have a bunch of new sex toys on the way to me and I am in the process of testing a rabbit sex toy that you use over the internet in chart rooms. You will get a full report by next Monday as I am putting it through some grueling tests. I am making sure that not only is the sex toy is top notch but the interface software and the chat rooms that you can use it will be in the review as well.

Stay tuned as this will be my most interesting review yet!


Jim said...

well if thats you in the photos you aint bad looking!

florida boy said...


I have a sex toy my self that I invented and I am trying to find trade shows to sell it at do you have any names of any shows that could send me in the right way

sarah said...

well, this is a good convention where we can showcase our best collection of our sex toys. And for us collectors who love's to collect sex toys and also this is the place where we can find or buy cheaper cost of sex toys. Thanks for the post.